Scottish Documentary Institute

The Scottish Documentary Institute (£75,600)

The Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) will develop a new way of fundraising online to provide new funding streams for arts and culture.

They have become Scotland’s hub for documentary film and is recognized internationally as a leader in the genre. Through training, production and distribution, SDI brings the documentary world to Scotland, and Scottish films and filmmakers to the world. SDI combines a research centre at Edinburgh College of Art with SDI Productions Limited. While SDI originally focused on developing new talent through short films, SDI Productions enabled them to move into feature-length documentaries.

SDI will work with Distrify to develop a fundraising widget that can be universally embedded on the web.  It will feature an easy-to-use sliding-scale interface and offer incentives or donations to partners.   The aims of the project include generating additional investments and delivering a robust fundraising solution.