Publishing Scotland

Publishing Scotland (PS) will produce a smartphone app to expand readership and celebrate Scotland’s unique literary heritage.

PS will produce a smartphone apps based upon a curated selection of Scottish-interest books to offer users new, compelling ways to access the content. The project aims include; improving audience reach, celebrating Scotland’s unique literary heritage and increasing revenue for publishers and writers around Scotland. They will work with Saraband Books and Spotspecific to develop the technology and its content.

Publishing Scotland (PS) is the network, trade and development body for the book publishing industry in Scotland. Based in Edinburgh, PS was established in 1974 by a group of 12 publishers. The organisation has grown to over 60 publisher members and 43 network (or associate) members. PS has charitable status and restructured in 2007 to reflect the fact that the book sector was changing –moving away from traditional methods of production and business models into a more open, diverse, and accessible sector and range of activities.