Glasgow Film Theatre

Both Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Filmhouse have united aims in using digital technology: both in exhibition and social media to broaden their audience reach and engage audiences at a deeper level. Distrify is a socially integrated digital engagement and Video on Demand distribution toolset. GFT and Edinburgh Filmhouse have partnered with Distrify to launch online film screenings from September 2012.

This project has been devised so that these 2 very popular independently programmed cinemas can reach beyond their cinema walls and engage with audiences in isolated areas, those who cannot visit in person and people from around the world who have an interest in curated cinema with a Scottish and international focus. With the curation skills of GFT, Filmhouse and their Film Festivals, and the tools used by Distrify in sharing films through online conversation to add to the shared experience of engaging with film, it will allow them to exhibit quality niche films that may otherwise not get a release on their screens.

Using new business models through the use of digital technology the project will enable the organisations to research best practice in broadening total audience figures and allow them to analyse digital metrics to gain valuable information on geographic location of audiences, the routes to purchase and the relationship between Theatrical and Home Entertainment. The analysis will provide valuable data back to rights holders thereby informing and improving the future relationships between exhibitors and distributors.