NESTA Collaboration Day- National Galleries, Edinburgh

The CReATeS consortium team arrive for the third collaboration day of the Digital R&D Fund and are welcomed by the inspiring surroundings of the National Gallery of Modern Art.


Yellow Brick House and the National Piping Centre updating the group on their online teaching and streaming technology using Adobe Connect

Yellow Brick House and the National Piping Centre updating the group on their online teaching and streaming technology using Adobe Connect

The meeting kicked off with an introduction by Gillian Easson and then led onto a brief project update from each of the projects involved in the first call. The project updates were very beneficial as it enabled everyone to get up to speed on each others’ developments, with the Q&A sessions proving very profitable as lots of questions were asked and cross project interaction occurred.

Tom Fleming of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy was next to introduce his role in the project, with 1-2-1 sessions with each of the projects. Next on the agenda was lunch, which enabled great dynamics for project members to indulge in project conversations with team mates and better still with their project peers. During the lunch, Tom held his 1-2-1 sessions with each project discussing the developments and alterations the project activity has had upon their organisation, its workings and how they now view it.

Dr Doris Ruth Eikhof and Prof Claire Squires presenting the CReATeS' findings from the interim report.

Dr Doris Ruth Eikhof and Prof Claire Squires presenting the CReATeS’ findings from the interim report.

Then it was CReATeS’ turn to collect some valuable primary data.

Firstly, Claire Squires and Doris Eikhof presented the findings from the interim report and introduced the two workshop sessions.




Discussions by Group 3This involved three break-out groups of about eight participants each – with the projects being divided up in order to increase diversity of discussion-  reflecting on three main points from the interim report: success and evaluation; market research and product testing; and finally innovation. The groups then each fed back their reflections to the meeting as a whole, with a wealth of information being gathered from across the projects.

Disscusions by Group 1 Discussions by Group 2The next group activity involved fantasising about an endless spot of money and being head of such fund. We set the participants the challenge of what digital innovations would they fund if they were the head of this endless fund! Some of the suggestions were more creative than others… Dorian Gray’s synthesiser?!


All in all a productive day spent collaborating, discussing and chewing the fat with project leads and technical partners…

Looking forward to the next meeting on 21st March 2013.


About Fiona Millar

Research Funding Officer for the Faculty of Natural Sciences, typically blogging about funding, social media and my perspective on the research funding environment.
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