The National Galleries of Scotland

The National Galleries of Scotland will partner with mobile app developers Kotikan to create ArtHunter – a free multi-platform mobile app for art-lovers across Scotland. Each month a themed set of must-see artworks will be published through the app. Visitors will  be able to collect the artworks and unlock extra content – super high resolution images, video, hidden details etc  – and earn badges based on how many and which works they see. The app will start with sets based on the Galleries’ own collection and hopefully later expand to include other galleries in Scotland.

It is hoped that the simplicity of ArtHunter will encourage people to see artworks they otherwise might not, bringing people into the galleries more often, particularly their local visitors, and inviting crossover between venues and audiences. For tourism, ArtHunter can work as an introduction to art available to view in Scotland.

The National Galleries of Scotland cares for, develops, researches and displays the national collection of Scottish and international fine art and, with an innovative programme of exhibitions, education and publications, aims to engage, inform and inspire the broadest possible public. Their collection of art is among the best in the world and is housed in three galleries in Edinburgh and two partner galleries. Kotikan is one of the UK’s leading mobile app development companies, combining experience across the mobile sector with strong marketing, design, usability and engineering talents.